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Rodents & Wildlife

FREE Inspection on Rodent & Wildlife Removal Services

texbestpest control- rodent Here at Texbest Pest Control we understand that wildlife and urban areas don’t always work together like we would like for it to. We now offer wildlife and animal removal to solve all of your varmint problems.

In addition to the animal removal that TexBest animal control specialists provide, we also offer services such as honeybee comb removal, relocation of animals and wildlife, dead animal removal, exclusion services (sealing of the home) and more. Texbest wildlife removal is available anytime and will be put in contact with the Wildlife removal expert, providing you immediate assistance if you discover a living or dead animal in your home.

Some of the things we specialize in are:

• Squirrel Control and Removal
• Bat Control and Removal
• Raccoon Control and Removal
• Bird Control and Removal

• Animal Control and Removal
• Wildlife Control and Removal
• Armadillo Control and Removal

• Bee Hive and Honey Comb Removal
• Rat/Mouse Control and Removal
• Skunk Control and Removal

If you think that you are having any issues with any kind of wildlife or animal in or around your home feel free to give our Wildlife Biologist a call so he can help you solve your problems 24/7. Contact us today! Schedule your free estimate online or give us a call at (972) 971-1314.

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